The benefits of a Water Feature in your home or garden are many.

Some reasons are

  • Aesthetics - a well-designed water feature will give you a great focal point for your friends and family to sit around and enjoy.
  • Calming Environment- It provides a calming environment to any home or garden. As water falls gently down a stone wall or over rocks, it purifies and humidifies the surrounding dry air - a great benefit in central heated areas and especially during dry seasons, decreasing dust, pollutants and static electricity. This gives a higher level of comfort and a healthier, fresher air.
  • Soothing Sound- The sound of moving water is relaxing and therefore is beneficial to the mind, allowing you to unwind at the end of a stressful day. It has the ability to calm and heal.
  • Positive Energy- Flowing water has always been used as part of positive Feng Shui. This belief goes back thousands of years to ancient China as it was widely believed that moving water is beneficial for health, wealth and relationships due to its calming as well as spiritual healing effects. That is why you see water gardens and features around Chinese gardens, Temples and other historical locations.

Some projects below using our spillway and pump kits, including exclusive waterfalls.

Interested? Feel free to contact us on 1300 238 288 and one of our specialist can assist with your next water feature project or log onto DIYMegaStore.com.au for exclusive water feature kits.

17th Oct 2016 DIYMegaStore

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