Wall Wash / Cascade Effect

Wall Wash / Cascade Effect

Are you thinking of creating a cascade water wall feature for your outdoor, patio or garden area? It is a lot easier than you think by using our DIY Water Wall kits!

Cascade or Wall Washing effect, which flows vertically down the face of the wall. This is achieved where water flows softly from the spillway and cascades down the wall face into a pond or pool. Recommended to install a pump with a minimum flow rate of 50-60 litres per minute (l/m) per metre spillway width. 

With Our Water Wall Kits, IT's EASY!. All you need to do is to build the frame work and we have all the equipments you need. Comes complete with all fittings, hose, pumps with a selection of our stainless steel spillways in size from 600,900,1200 and 1500mm wide.

You can even customise a multi-combo kits to have a wider water wall feature, call us on 1300 238 288 for free quotation.



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