Do It Yourself Stone Wall Garden Water Feature

Whether you are a novice or a DIYer, if you are looking to create stone veneer water features yourself but do not know where to start, try contacting us and see how we can assist you. Not only is it easy to build but you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by doing it yourself!

We can supply the following to complete your next water feature project, namely;

  1. Manufactured or natural stacked stone cladding
  2. Water feature kits comprising of water blade, hose, connections and associated pumps to achieve your desired cascading/wall wash or projecting effect
  3. Pre-fabricated heavy duty poly pond tanks/troughs
  4. And to bring your project to life at night, we have LED spotlights.

Our customer’s testimonial below sums up the way we do business best…

“Thanks for all your help in this project it was great to find a company so obliging to assist a novice like myself. I found your web site very good and a phone call to answer some questions got me started”. – Kim from Melbourne VIC.

Per below project photos, the result; a decidedly charming designed Water Feature and using InfinitiStone manufactured stone completes these Water Features project

18th Aug 2020 DIYMegaStore

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