How to maintain your pond garden this Autumn.

Clearpond - How To Maintain

As the outdoor living of summer begins to wind down some maintenance will need to be undertaken on the pond. As leaves begin to fall they should be netted off the surface of the pond and vacuumed off the bottom. Any dead flower stalks and leaves should be trimmed from the plants and discarded. The fish can now be fed a lower protein diet as their metabolism slows and they will eat less and less.

  • Plants can stop being fertilised, they will begin go dormant soon and will not require as much nutrient.
  • Leaves that have fallen into the pond from surrounding trees should be removed.
  • Sediment built up over summer should be removed.
  • Pond plants can be separated and re-potted.
  • Give your pond pump and filter a thorough “end of summer” clean.
  • As your fishes metabolism slows, they will slow down and become easy prey for birds, adding pond netting to your pond will help prevent bird predation.
26th Feb 2015

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